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Global Wellness Advocates mission is to inspire & assist in bringing balance to our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & financial health through products, services and education.   With alternative, holistic health & wellness tools & techniques, Gina Anderson educates & introduces you to ways you can energize your mind and body, relieve aches and pains, reduce or eliminate intestinal problems, speed up recovery time from injury, all along helping you find peace of mind. We guarantee to make a positive impact in your life by inviting you HAVE, BE and DO what ever you want in life and to FEEL GOOD NOW.

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“I was impressed with Gina’s expert health knowledge and the Migun bed was amazing!”

– Holly Stokes

NLP Coach, C.Ht


Rejuvenate Your Bind Body & Soul

Relax and unwind the Ancient Tibetan way.  Release your mind and let all your cares melt away as you slip into a little piece of heaven on earth.

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Get cash back on travel and shopping purchases you make everyday.  Registration is free with no monthly or annual fees on the Free Membership Program.  Click and save today.

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Detox, Cleanse & Hydrate Today

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November Tibetan Bowl Meditations

Playing the Tibetan Singing Bowls is one of my favorite healing solutions I currently offer.  Every month I play them in a group mediation setting the last Wednesday of each month at Life Harmony Wellness Center.  But this month, I get to play them on the 15th and the...

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